Amid rapid change in Singapore, dislocation is a common theme in art-making. Pop-Up Noise: Soul Searching is an experiment in connecting young artists to histories and place. Connecting artists to sources of history and personal narrative, directing their intuition toward a community and its daily life in hope it will seed inspiration. Making artwork rooted in physical and emotional attachment. Twenty-commissioned artists will show their work in the community that inspired them.

This site specific project will be held in Chinatown. The area and its residents have witnessed much of modern Singapore’s history and change. They will be both the focus and backdrop of this showcase.

Venue Sponsor: Chinatown Business Association

An initiative of the National Arts Council, Noise Singapore is dedicated to making noise about the creative talent of young people aged 35 and below. Through numerous platforms to express, develop and showcase creativity, Noise Singapore hopes to encourage young people to engage and nurture their relationship with the arts. For more information on our programmes, visit http://www.noisesingapore.com.

Creative Team: Jalyn Han, Joseph Nair, Xu Jingyi