Open Art Jams, 21-24, 26, 28-30.

All mediums, All are welcome 🙂


Adeline: 湯閎茱

Adeline Thng is addicted to lines and colors.

Specializing in silkscreen printing, surface manipulation and paper cutting with a diploma in fashion textiles from Lasalle College of Arts. She embraces difficult tasks as opportunities to allow her imagination to run free and wild.

She keeps her playfulness at heart while she shows art motivated by the beauty of mathematics. Seeking perfection of orderly forms and symmetrical balance found upon the white canvas, waiting patiently for the first stroke to appear.


Alvin Chai:蔡俊杰

ALVIN CHAI is passionate about all things to do with the stage, from concerts to musicals and theatre performances. Performing Arts has been part of his life since 2000, from volunteering for local art groups to pursuing a profession in technical theatre as a stage lighting tech crew to a lighting programmer, consultant and designer. I have taken on many roles behind the scene.



Ben Yap & Lim Cheng Jun

Ben Yap:叶振发

Ben Yap (b. 1985) is a graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Photography. He has participated in several group shows, which

includes Coming Home (People’s Association), and Photomakers of NAFA. In 2013, he was also selected for the Noise Singapore apprenticeship program organized by National Arts Council, and had a month long exhibition at 8Q SAM. He is currently pursing his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at Loughborough University, where he is using a mixed media approach to his art practice.

Lim Cheng Jun: 林誠俊

Hailing from Brunei, Lim Cheng Jun (b. 1988) is a visual artist based in Singapore. He graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in western painting. Besides exploring various mediums, he refines his own ideas that emerge through his focus on the points of intersection between painting, architecture, sculpture, and social issues. In 2013, he participated in The Apprenticeship Program Exhibition at Singapore Art Museum at 8Q. In 2015, he exhibited at Ngee Ann City for NYC Public Installation Art, ”(RE)Searching” at Reading Room and “Manner of Spitting” at Grey project gallery. He has also exhibited overseas at the Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta.


Cassandra Koh: 许玲玮

Cassandra Koh is a multidisciplinary artist who graduated with a degree in Fine Arts – Painting (with first class honors) from Lasalle College of the Arts. Her current art practice deals with the complexity of Singapore’s postmodern identity and Singaporean youth culture. She is also the recipient of the prestigious Winston Oh’s travel award based on her excellent performance in the final year of her diploma’s studio practice. Her notable artist training includes being a resident artist in Taman Jurong CACC (Community Arts and Culture Clubs) where she was commissioned to conceptualize and execute a large mural painting project called ‘Remembering Singapore’ at Taman Jurong for SG50 and continue to engage with the community to nurture creativity. She also works extensively at various private art studios and is very passionate about imparting art skills and knowledge to all walks of life.


Charmaine Poh: 秀璇

Born in 1990, Charmaine Poh is a Singaporean photographer and writer. She graduated from Tufts University in 2013 with a B.A. in international relations, with a concentration in international security, and was also a student in the Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice. Over time, she became interested in storytelling as a form of contemplating issues of identity, place, and society. Her work concerns issues of memory, gender, and youth. Currently based in Singapore, she dedicated to unfolding narratives across Asia.


Erin Ng Wen Jie,  黄雯洁

Ng is known for her thought-provoking, upbeat and interactive art installations which inject life to existing objects found in the daily lives of people. She is an artist who believes that objects have a voice of their own and so she explores and presents them in their own ‘perspective’. She has exhibited her works in the Grad Show while in Nanyang Technological University and in subsequent major exhibitions like the Singapore Art Show. Her work has been reviewed in an overseas publication, South China Morning Post, and local newspaper Lian He Zao Bao. With her unique eye for colour, her work conveys a sense of joy and generosity of spirit.


Germaine Cheng: 郑泽敏

A wordsmith and movement magpie, Germaine received her initial training in Classical Ballet at Singapore Ballet Academy. As a student, she performed with Singapore Dance Theatre and the Washington Ballet before furthering her studies at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. Since graduating in 2012, she has performed with RAW Moves and her work has been showcased at Dance Nucleus’ HATCH. Germaine received the award for Best Dancer in the finals of the 5th edition of Sprouts, a local national choreographic competition. In 2016, she became an associate member of Sigma Contemporary Dance.

In addition, Germaine is a freelance dance writer and her work has been published on various arts websites and journals globally. In 2015, she authored Momentum: SG50 Years of Dance for Singapore Dance Theatre. She is on the Dance faculty at School of the Arts, Singapore.

Twitter: @GermaineCheng



(In collaboration with Kee Ya Ting)

Hera works in the intersection of Art, Design and History. Her practice interests include mapping and urban spectatorship. She graduated from MA Narrative Environment, Central Saint Martins, and since then has been working in exhibition design for institutions such as the Chinatown Heritage Centre, as a part of an interdisciplinary design team. She also teaches Art History and practices Fine Art as an instigative tool in an increasingly complex cultural landscape. In this exhibition, she collaborates with Visual Artist and Photographer Kee Ya Ting. Kee approaches her image making through an inquisitive quirk and a keen sense of material and photographic processes. Her works display elements of play and discovery, an act of painting poetry with light.


Instagram: @hera.www


Jacklyn Kuah: 柯靜雲

An avid solo-backpacker who climbs mountains and ventures into the unknown, Jacklyn, is not only a theatre practitioner but an adventurer seeking to dig deeper and question more.

A mass communication graduate with a theatre diploma, Jacklyn has completed the Chinese dance graded examinations and obtained the Certificate for Teaching Chinese Dance. She continues upgrading herself by undergoing professional training by world-renowned theatre practitioner like Philippe Gaulier, Joan Holden, SITI Company and Anne Bogart. In November 2014, Jacklyn went to train at Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Italy. Recent years, she has been invited to conduct physical theatre workshops in Thailand, China and Myanmar.

Jacklyn’s involvement in performing arts started when she joined the Chinese Dance Club in primary one, ever since then, she was always seen on the stage performing, it could be dancing, acting or even playing guzheng. Since 2005, she had toured to Europe and Korea international festivals. Last year, Jacklyn’s rendition of ‘Mandala’ was invited to participate in Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival.


Lim Jun Jie (Jey): 林 俊 杰

Jey is a theatre artist and drama educator. He graduated from NAFA in Theatre and is one of the founding members of physical theatre group Theatrestrays.

During his residency with the Kaizen M.D, he choreographed and performed in Dua and Heaven and Hell Are Not That Different. Other credits include Geylang (Singapore Theatre Festival 2016), Magic Jungle with PLAYtime!. December Rains with Toy Factory, Fish by Eng Kai Er, Midsummer Night’s dream, Little Riots and Other Stories with young & W!LD, Ways of Wandering for the 2014 Singapore International Festival of Arts, Con$umed for NUS Arts Festival, Macbeth with World-In-Theatre and Lower Depths with Theatrestrays.

He is grateful to be involved with the community through art again.

Facebook: Jey Jun Jie


Lim Meng Jiat: 林明珏

Having graduated from the second cohort of Creative Edge – Theatre Training Ensemble, I Theatre’s youth training divison, Meng Jiat continues to search for her form of art; she is currently exploring Puppetry. She is interested in the disappearing faces of the world; she questions the passiveness of her generation as the knowledge and skills of the older generation are gradually lost. Meng Jiat believes in the role of Theatre as an agent of change. She was last seen in The Magic Lantern (Paper Monkey Theatre), and Purple (The Learning Connections).


Megan: 苗寒青

Megan Miao is a multidisciplinary artist-curator and educator born in Shanghai and currently based in Singapore. Megan’s practice is multidisciplinary and process-orientated, often socially-engaged, collaborative and dialogical. She uses a mix of digital and analog approaches to create her work. Her process aims to articulate the ways in which people organise their memories, aspirations and beliefs within different types of community. Identifying patterns in which people think and behave within a group, her work challenges commonly held beliefs and points out discrepancies in a humorous manner.

Graduating from Central Saint Martins College of the Arts with a BA Fine Arts

(Hons) in 2015, she is now working as an art educator in a local Junior College. Whilst in London she organised a number of exhibitions, including Investigation at House (2013), an exhibition held in her rented home and Because the Internet (2015), an exhibition about postinternet daily life. Since returning to Singapore, Megan has presented her work at SCOUT: Emerging Art Practices in Singapore (2016) at Gillman Barracks and OH!pen Call (2016) in Potong Pasir. Megan actively collaborates with artists such as Aqilah Hassan on Marking Spaces (2016), a public art project and Kat Buchanan on Intellectual Sex Party (2015), an experimental art-workshop-event exploring digital love lives.

IG @megan.miao


Muhammad Al Hafiz Bin Sanusi

HAFIZ first theatre involvement was a calefare in his secondary school’s musical. Nevertheless, it ignited a theatrical passion in him and he has never looked back since. He has since branched out and delved into different platforms such as writing, directing, and spoken word poetry. A recent graduate from Nanyang Technological University, Hafiz obtained a Ba (Hons) in English Literature with additional Minors in Creative Writing and Drama Performance.

Currently, he is a freelancer doing school shows, teaching drama in schools as well as offering guided tours to Singapore’s history attraction. Most recently, he returned from an International Summer Studies Chinese Opera Programme held at Shanghai Theatre Academy in China to learn and perform Beijing Opera. Upon returning, he was part of the ensemble for Club Malam: The Tribe, a site-specific performance work held at Old Kallang Airport for the O.P.E.N. Festival 2016. Hafiz was last seen on stage performing in Family (The Second Breakfast Company).

Hafiz holds strongly to the belief and power of creative collaboration. He has collaborated with  fellow youths in youth programmes such as merEka (Teater Ekamatra) and BYT (Buds Theatre). Outside Singapore, he has worked with Maori youths in New Zealand in a youth writing programme.

With this Chinatown: Soul Searching project, he finds pleasure not just in telling the story of Chinatown and its residents, but listening to its multi-faceted accounts too. He hopes the viewers, walkers and travelers take the time not only to see the space but to experience it as well.


Ong Lijie: 王丽洁

Ong Lijie is interested in themes of the consciousness, corporeality and anxieties. Her work features narratives in which the notion of body is explored as a tool to depict the consequences on the framing and nature of relations between the individual and the collective other. The making of her works seek to translate a disoriented reality In the combination of various printmaking and drawing elements.

Lijie received her Diploma of Fine Arts from Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts and BA(Hons) in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts.


Instagram @onglijie




Founded by Norhaizad Adam, Hasyimah Harith and Md Hariz Bakri, P7:1SMA is a young dance company exploring an equilibrium between traditional and contemporary language. We strive to put forth Malay ideology internationally by creating contemplative works in our global contemporary scene.

P7:1SMA invites everyone to exist in a state of in-betweenness.

We believe in asking astute questions to examine grey voids in life.

Our work includes Before Nova (dance film) screened at Moving Images International Video Dance Festival at Cyprus, organized by Dance Lab Nicosia, Belon (full length work) premiered at The Substation, ‘M’ in collaboration with De Silva Alicia Joyce from Quinnuance and ‘Kemas’ (site-specific) performed in conjunction with an exhibition of dance photography by Robin Chee, Matthew Johnson, Bernie Ng and Tan Ngiap Heng. 



Music may be time and culture specific but sound knows no limits. The trio of SA(仨) create their own soundscapes, exploring all possibilities not bound by time or culture.

For SA(仨), their exploration of sound begins with each instrument and every original composition is a bold experiment that combines traditional elements with modern techniques, such as live looping. Spontaneous at every turn, each performance is a risk that the band takes as they delve into the question of identity.

Founded in 2010,  (仨), meaning “three” in northern Chinese dialect, is a tribute to their Chinese roots. Professionally trained in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing, Andy C plays the dizi (flute), Natalie Alexandra plays the guzheng (zither) and Cheryl Ong plays drums and percussion.


Steven Ang: 洪光宇

Steven is a performer and arts practitioner active in the opera, classical music, theatre and choral scenes. Notable performances include Njegus in the Singapore Lyric Opera’s production of The Merry Widow (“The role of Njegus played by Steven Ang kept the audience amused…” – Natalie Ng for The Straits Times), Gonzalo in Shakespeare’s The Tempest by Method Productions, opera scenes in Taiwan as lead baritone, modern dance piece Equation by JSLN Dance Company (featured opera singer), Alliance Francaise’s Fête de la Musique festival, the Basso Canaries concert series and a chorus part in Opera di Roma’s 2011 production of Aida in Taipei with Juan Pons.

Besides performing, Steven is also a singing teacher and concert producer for internationally-based local talent. Tickets for his next concert Martin Ng – The Italian Baritone on 17 December can be bought at More information about Steven can be found at


Shahila Bte Baharom

* ila researches on lost languages and missing histories on the lion island and how these gaps result in fleeting identities. her interest stems from her inability to express herself fluently due to the result of the whitewashing of cultures, societal (and self-)censorship and how she is (un)consciously filling up the voids she experiences. ila is a visual performance artist in practice and works primarily with overhead projectors and analogue elements to create organic narratives within performative structures her works are personal explorations based on mistranslations, miscommunications and the discovery of her awkward self-expressions. she weaves imagined narratives with existing realities, with light as her medium of choice, and invisible communities as her point of interest.


Wu Jun Han:吴俊汉

Wu Jun Han typically plays/performs in the audio-visual, expanded from a background in video art. He works with an interdisciplinary approach, developed out of themes of empathy, the visceral, and the future.