Namestake 移名

Germaine Cheng  郑泽敏

What’s in a name?

Play yourself on a chessboard. Make a move; make new meaning.

What’s in your name?






Adeline Thng 湯閎茱

The Amulet is a very basic form of creation, a traditional way to express and convey messages that go beyond words. Doing so not only helps to build the bridge of blessing between the participants and residents, but also allows these residents to share their lives, stories and thoughts with everyone.


A glimpse into non-grey matter

Erin Ng Wen Jie 黄雯洁

Not only is a game of chess both enthralling and captivating, it is also beautiful. However, the real beauty is not in its physical appearance but the movement of its pieces.

This interactive art installation presents the visualization of these movements.

The presentation of the art installation as numerous framed ‘drawings’ resembles the chess players’ moves which are both transitional and multiple. The accidental and constant shifting patterns of the lines in each ‘drawing’ reflect beyond the physical movement of the chess pieces. More so, these lines give life to the movement of the pieces found in one’s imagination as well as to the hand that controls the pieces.

The aim of these lines, which form the ‘drawing’, is to illustrate the invisible logical thoughts of the chess player. On a deeper level, these lines reveal an insight into the beautiful minds of the player, as if paralleling the connections of neurons in one’s grey matter in the brains.

This artwork encourages the chess players in Chinatown to explore the concept of doing something important and meaningful, also known as ‘Mark Making’. Our avid chess players of the pioneer generation have contributed to the betterment of our lives. They’ve made their mark.

Would you make your mark?



Alvin Chai蔡俊杰

<Memoirs> is a project to preserve the beautiful calligraphy/handwriting of a normal day to day passer-by. It also intends to spur inter-generation interaction, will encourage youths to take up the role of a letter-writer to help pen down the stories or wishes of participants onto Sky-Lanterns which will decorate Kreta Ayer Square.